Shock absorption requirements and stop card installation for suspension strut bumpers

- Dec 03, 2018-

In front of the suspension pillar bumper, it is first necessary to use a jack to support the body, wash the spring with water, and effectively rotate the shock absorber of the car a few times to the left and right, effectively check whether the spring is fully loaded into the spring slot, and the front of the suspension pillar bumper Whether the outer edge is a fender or not, and the buffers overlap. At the same time, in order to avoid the shock absorber buffer sliding down to the bottom of the spring during the running of the car, a stop card needs to be installed.



The spiral spring part in front of the suspension pillar bumper will be sprayed with soapy water or lubricated, and then a strong buffer sprayed with soapy water or lubricating fluid will be inserted into the loose spiral spring clearance. After installation, the vehicle body can be lowered. .



The distance between the damper springs in front of the suspension strut bumper is a problem to be noted when installing the damper bumper. The distance between the damping springs is equal to the length of the shock absorber. If it is more difficult to squeeze by hand, loosen the screws of the shock absorber and let the shock absorber spring relax 2-3 cm.