Stability and handling requirements of BMW rear bumper springs

- Jan 22, 2019-

The stability of the BMW rear bumper spring after the heightening is carried out, and the center of gravity increases after the front edge is raised, which will inevitably affect the handling stability, especially the stability of the bay. Of course, you can improve the stability by increasing the wheelbase and changing the wider tires. But is it feasible to simply change the spring height without using the above method?


Through estimation and judgment, after the front center of gravity is increased by 3cm, the roll inertia moment increment is still relatively small compared to its gravity stability torque, so as long as it is not too intense high-speed cornering, the stability should be no problem. I don't advocate raising too much. Judging from the experience after the heightening, I confirmed my judgment. After the elevation, it ran for more than 200 kilometers of high speed, the display showed 120km/h, the actual speed was about 111km/h, the control stability felt the same as before the elevation; the secondary road 7 and 80 speeds were also stable.

Fuel consumption after raising. When the replacement spring is raised, the wind resistance will change and the fuel consumption will increase. From the use of the heightening, the fuel consumption does not change much, and the increased fuel consumption is negligible.