Suspension rubber buffer rear axle design considerations

- Dec 25, 2018-

The shape design of the suspension rubber bumper rear axle product should often take into account various aspects. First, there should be an R transition at the corners of the rubber and between the rubber and the metal. R transitions should be considered at all locations where durability is important to avoid stress concentration and improve product durability.


Secondly, in the design of the rear axle shape structure of the suspension rubber buffer, the parts where the mold is difficult to process or difficult to produce should be avoided; the appropriate forced flash should be considered at the transition between the skeleton and the rubber to improve the bonding performance and avoid sticking. The mixture flows out to contaminate the mold. Whether the compatibility of the skeleton and the rubber mold is good, and the dimensional accuracy of the skeleton should be reasonable. Whether the shape can guarantee the pressure of the rubber during molding, and avoid the rubber from flowing out, resulting in poor bonding.


In addition, care should be taken to ensure that the minimum thickness dimension inside the rear rubber mold of the suspension rubber bumper is not less than 2 mm to prevent the mold from being deformed due to insufficient strength. Moreover, whether the necessary size of the product is clearly marked, and whether the subsequent processing method of the bushing product is clear or the like needs to be considered.