The actual function of the rear shock bump stop

- Jan 07, 2019-

For the car, the rear shock bump stops play a role in making the vehicle run more smoothly and improve comfort. Normally, it is installed on the damper spring, which can significantly improve the ride feeling. After installation, the body is also improved. Through sharp turns, non-tarred roads, and uneven unequal roads, stability can be greatly improved to protect and extend the life of the damper.


Everyone should know that during the long-distance driving process, the shock absorber piston rod and the rear shock bump stops generate heat, which easily causes the shock absorber to leak oil and shorten the service life of the buffer block. Therefore, how to produce a vehicle reduction The shock absorber block assembly structure has become a problem that many manufacturers have to solve. Through structural improvement, the vibration of the vehicle body can be significantly reduced, and the driving comfort is improved. Significantly reduce road and vibration noise, driving comfort and comfort.


At the same time, it also effectively improves safety and economy. This is because the rear shock bump stops can reduce the collapse of the car body, prevent the chassis from rubbing, suppress the cornering and the tail, and shorten the braking distance. At the same time, it can improve the damping performance of the original car, protect the shock absorber, ball head and suspension system, saving maintenance costs.