The application significance of the rear shock absorber bump stop in the vehicle

- Sep 10, 2018-

According to the test, after the use of the rear shock absorber bump stop, the service life of the shock absorber can be significantly extended, even more than twice the original life; and it can also help reduce the noise during driving, polyurethane buffer block At the same time, the car body can be raised by 3 to 5 cm to restore the original height of the car body and improve the stability when passing through the deceleration path.


Not only that, but after using the rear shock absorber bump stop, the driving safety can be improved to a certain extent, and the braking distance can be shortened. It also reduces the fatigue of the driver's long-distance driving, and it is relatively easy to install, without loosening any screws on the vehicle.


On the other hand, the back damper bulge stops to enhance the comfort of the vehicle, and the balance of the ride is improved due to the three-hole design. In addition, it also has certain environmental protection and reduces driving noise. It can be seen that the use of the rear bumper to stop the bump, in addition to significantly improving the comfort of the vehicle, also effectively protects the shock absorber and the suspension system, and avoids oil leakage of the shock absorber core.