The front rubber buffer fits Audi is suitable for Audi's precautions and purchase requirements.

- Nov 27, 2018-

The front rubber buffer fits Audi is suitable for the first point of purchase when Audi's shock absorption elasticity index. Experts suggest that after getting the product, you need to twist it with your hand to see if you can quickly restore the original shape. In general, the car spring shock absorber is best installed in the middle of the spring.


The front rubber bumper is suitable for Audi's installation of the shock absorber buffer. Try not to use tool pressure to avoid damage to the shock absorber. During installation, the gap between the left and right damper springs may be uneven, which makes the car body unbalanced, so be careful when installing.


At present, the buffers commonly used in China can be roughly divided into two types: one is an energy storage type buffer, and the mechanism is divided into a spring buffer and a rubber buffer; the other is an energy-consuming buffer, and its structure is Divided into polyurethane buffer, hydraulic buffer, ZL composite buffer, elastic damping body buffer.