The function and protection of the rear bump stop for VW

- May 09, 2019-

The rear bump stop for VW is a device that can limit the maximum amount of deformation of the suspension. It reduces the direct impact of the axle on the frame (or body) and prevents excessive deformation of the elastic components. The buffer block is composed of a rubber block, a steel plate, and a bolt. Some buffer blocks are made of porous polyurethane and are hollow inside.


Most of the mass rear collision stops of modern cars are made of porous polyurethane material, and rubber materials are gradually being replaced. The porous buffer block made of polyurethane material has the advantage that the following rubber can not be replaced: the mass is small, about 1/2 deformation of the rubber buffer block of the same size, and has good nonlinear characteristics.


Volkswagen's rear collision stop is a high-elasticity and high-toughness rubber product, which is a car modification accessory. It is used to install the coil spring of the car suspension system, mainly to cushion the shock absorber and protect the shock absorber.


Brief introduction of the function of the rear collision stop of the public


1. Improve driving stability, enhance driving comfort and enjoy driving pleasure.


2. It can reduce the vibration of the body and absorb the noise of the suspension system.


3. Solve the problem of spring weakness, increase the body 0.2-0.3 cm, but can not effectively improve the carrying capacity.