The influence of Mazda front bumper spring on the smooth running of vehicles

- Jan 21, 2019-


The main function of the Mazda front bumper spring is to eliminate the vibration problems generated during the uneven road travel. In the structural design, the vibration-removing spring is usually used in combination with the shock absorber. The shock absorber is not used to support the weight of the vehicle body but is used to suppress the oscillation of the spring rebound and absorb the impact of the road surface. .


In other words, this can better control the rebound of the Mazda front bumper spring. Therefore, in order to avoid a serious bounce when the car encounters a rough road, it is necessary to use a shock absorber to limit the spring bounce to one time. In fact, the resistance of the shock absorber can be divided into two parts, compression and rebound, and the compression resistance and the hardness of the spring have an additive effect.


That is to say, the use of the shock absorber can effectively increase the strength of the Mazda front bumper spring, and the rebound resistance occurs when the spring is subjected to the rebound stroke after the road surface impact compression, which is also the biggest reason for the existence of the shock absorber. The force used to resist the compression of the spring and then press the tire back to the ground, slowing the impact of the rebound and keeping the vehicle steady.