The overall requirements and use effect of Audi A4 shockproof bump stop rear

- May 16, 2019-

The specifications of the Audi A4 shock bump stop rear are mainly related to the "spring spacing". Please be aware that the installed cushion rubber is suitable for the corresponding spring. If the specifications do not match, please do not install it. (If it is online shopping, it is recommended to buy. Measuring the spring spacing before, that is the safest and most secure way).


The circumference of the Audi A4 anti-vibration bump backlash may exceed the circumference of the spring (that is, the buffer rubber will overlap when it is installed). If there is overlap, the excess length must be removed. Otherwise, it will be disadvantageous! Pay attention to the average cut at both ends. For example, if the extra (overlap) 8 cm is cut off 4 to 5 cm.


The circumference of the spring of the Audi A4 shock bump is too large (the cushion does not wrap around the spring after the cushion is installed), so please pay attention to whether it has reached two-thirds of the spring. If it is two-thirds, then it will be no problem, it will not affect the effect; if it is not more than two-thirds or less (this phenomenon is rare), you need to use two buffer glues together (up to only one spring) Circles, can't overlap).


Audi A4 shock-proof bump back gear No matter what the spring is overall (straight body, vertebrae, inverted vertebrae, barrel shape), the cushion rubber must be installed in the middle of the spring, in order to achieve the best results. The outward or inward of the cushion rubber opening does not affect the effect of use, but the opening will be aesthetically pleasing.