The pressing function and main function of the front bumper spring for chevrolet lacetti

- May 27, 2019-

The front bumper spring for chevrolet lacetti has a cushioning function when used, and a spring is placed between the locomotive frame and the wheel to use the elasticity of the spring to slow down the bumps of the vehicle. When the air flows from the harmonica in the harmonica in the accordion, the spring is struck and the reed vibrates to make a sound.


Chevron front bumper spring compression function


Observing various electrical switches will find that one of the two contacts of the switch must be equipped with a spring to ensure that the two outgoing contacts are in close contact and the conduction is good. If the contact is poor, the resistance at the contact becomes large, the heat generated when the current passes through becomes large, and in the severe case, the metal at the contact melts. The two metal posts of the bayonet cap are also equipped with springs for good contact; as for the central metal piece of the screw cap and the plug metal pieces of all the sockets are reeds, the function is to make the two sides close contact to maintain Same as good.


The Chevrolet front bumper spring has a phosphor bronze reed in the cassette and is bent

The elastic force generated during deformation causes the magnetic head to come into close contact with the magnetic tape. There is a long spiral in the stapler

The function of the spring is to tighten the staples on the one hand, and to push the rear nails to the front for the comfort of the nails when the foremost nails are pushed out, so that they can automatically be one by one. Push the nail to the front until the nail is fully pushed out. Many machines are automatically fed, and the bullets in the automatic rifle are automatically attached to the spring. In addition, clips like clothes, ballpoint pens, and clips on the pen cover are clamped to the clothes by the spring pressing function.