The role and function of auto shock absorber dust cover for Honda

- Nov 06, 2018-

The shock absorber is an important part of the car chassis suspension system. In order to ensure its long-term use, it is also necessary to configure the corresponding Honda automobile shock absorber dust cover. When the vehicle body and the wheel vibrate, the friction between the liquid in the damper flowing through the damper hole and the viscous friction of the liquid form a vibration resistance, which converts the vibration energy into heat energy and dissipates into the surrounding air, thereby achieving rapid attenuation. The purpose of vibration.


That is to say, the performance of the shock absorber will directly affect the stability and comfort of the vehicle. Most of the outside of the shock absorber cylinder is equipped with a dust cover. The function of the auto shock absorber dust cover for Honda is to protect the shock absorber. Internal components such as piston rods, oil seals, and buffer blocks are protected from or less contaminated by external dust and sand, preventing dust and sand from entering and causing malfunction of the shock absorber.


At present, the auto shock absorber dust cover for Honda can be selected according to the actual situation when designing the structure. When a part of the accident is damaged by an external force, the part can be replaced separately, reducing the maintenance cost.