The structure of front bumper spring for Subaru

- Oct 09, 2018-

In the previous structure, the car bumper was often directly attached to the front and rear ends of the vehicle body, and there was no buffer between the bumper and the vehicle body. Under such circumstances, when encountering an accident such as a collision, it may not be possible to obtain sufficient protection. Front bumper spring for Subaru just makes up for this shortcoming and can provide good protection.


In the structure of the front bumper spring for Subaru, it belongs to a spring buffer bumper, which comprises a lever body, and further comprises a plurality of return rods which are vertically fixed on the inner surface of the rod body, and the side of the return rod is axially opened and slipped. a groove, and at least one buffer tube is disposed on each of the return rods, the buffer tube includes a barrel having an opening at one end, a buffer spring disposed in the inner cavity of the barrel, and a limit bolt near the open end of the barrel and passing through the wall of the barrel .


The return lever is located in the barrel of the first section of the buffer shaft of the Subaru's front bumper spring structure, and is connected by the limit sliding joint sleeve of the limit bolt of the first section buffer cylinder. The same limit sliding structure is used between the return rod and the first section buffer cylinder, and the buffer cylinders are sequentially sleeved and sleeved together.