Things to pay attention to after installing the buffer block

- Jul 04, 2020-

After installation, be sure to check that the spring can be properly inserted into the upper and lower grooves of the buffer block! If a buffer block with an improper distance from the spring is installed, it may affect the comfort, and the normal use of the buffer block cannot be exerted.

Special reminder: In the future, if the car body is lifted (such as maintenance or tire replacement, etc.), the spring may be stretched out of the buffer block slot, so you must not worry about trouble, you must save time, and you must check when you lower the car body And pay attention to the spring return buffer block in the upper and lower grooves, this is easy to be overlooked but important precautions.

Although the shock-absorbing buffer block is not very conspicuous, gold always shines, and it also has its meaning in small objects. Summarize the three advantages of the shock absorption buffer block: Comfort: significantly reduce the body vibration and improve driving comfort. Greatly reduce road noise and vibration noise, driving meditation and comfort. Safety: Increase the chassis, reduce the collapse of the car body, and prevent the chassis from rubbing. Suppress cornering and tail flicking and shorten braking distance. Economy: Effectively solve the problems of weak and hard springs, and improve the shock absorption performance of the original car. Protect shock absorbers, ball heads and suspension systems, saving maintenance costs. Extend the life of brake pads.