Volkswagen strut bump stop installation and application conditions

- Jun 06, 2019-

The Volkswagen strut bump stops the ordinary rubber bearing products that are vulcanized and bonded by a multi-layer rubber sheet. The product has sufficient vertical stiffness to reliably transmit the reaction force of the upper structure of the support to the abutment. The support has good elasticity to cope with the rotation of the beam end of the bridge; and has large shear deformation capability. To meet the horizontal displacement of the upper structure.


Before the installation of the Volkswagen pillar is stopped, the installation position of the support should be measured and tested. The installation plane of the support should be parallel with the sliding plane or rolling plane of the support. The deviation of the parallelism should not exceed 2‰; Check the relative position of the bottom plate.


After the Volkswagen Pillar Collision is stopped, the rolling and sliding planes should be horizontal, and the slope of the theoretical plane should be no more than 2‰. The center of the upper and lower plates of the support should be handled with a deviation of no more than 2‰. The Volkswagen Pillar Collision Stop has good elasticity, wear resistance, aging resistance and tear resistance, adapts to deformation ability, and has good waterproof performance. The temperature range is -45°C~+60°C.