What are the benefits of installing the Volkswagen strut bump stop?

- Feb 18, 2019-

The Volkswagen strut bump stop is a device that limits the maximum amount of deformation of the suspension. It reduces the direct impact of the axle on the frame and prevents excessive deformation of the elastic components. The mass pillar collision stop consists of rubber blocks, steel plates and bolts, and some buffer blocks are made of porous polyurethane and the interior is hollow.
Most of the mass pillar collision stops are made of porous polyurethane material, and rubber materials are gradually being replaced. The porous buffer block made of polyurethane material has the advantages that the following rubbers cannot be replaced, including the small mass, and the 1/2 deformation of the rubber buffer block of the same size is large, and has good nonlinear characteristics.
The use of the Volkswagen strut bump stop on the vehicle not only effectively solves the problem of the shock absorber spring weakness, but also restores the performance of the shock absorber; and can also enjoy the comfort of the car, protect the shock absorber and suspension system, and avoid the oil seal of the shock absorber core. Oil spill.
The test results show that the suspension of the Volkswagen pillar can extend the life of the shock absorber by more than 2 times; reduce the noise during driving; increase the height of the car body by 3-5 cm, restore the original height of the car body, and improve the stability when passing through the deceleration path. Reduce brake distance and improve safety.