What is the shock absorbing principle of the VW Polo Rear Suspension Bump Stop?

- Mar 18, 2019-

The reason why the VW Polo Rear Suspension Bump Stop has cushioning and damping function is because the long chain molecular structure of the rubber and the weak secondary force between the molecules make the rubber material exhibit unique viscoelastic properties. Therefore, it has good shock absorption, sound insulation and cushioning properties. Therefore, the Volkswagen Polo rear suspension bump is widely used to isolate vibration and absorb shock, because it has the characteristics of hysteresis, damping and reversible large deformation.


The hysteresis and internal friction characteristics of rubber are usually expressed by the loss factor. The larger the loss factor, the more significant the damping and heat generation of the rubber, and the more obvious the damping effect. The amount of rubber material loss factor is not only related to the structure of the rubber itself, but also to temperature and frequency.


At normal temperature, the loss factor of natural rubber and butadiene rubber is small, and the rubber material used as the cushion is generally divided into five kinds, that is, NR, SBR, and BR are ordinary rubber materials. Although NR has a small loss factor, it has the best comprehensive performance, excellent elasticity, good fatigue resistance, low heat generation, low creep, good adhesion to metal parts, cold resistance, electrical insulation and processing properties. Therefore, NR is widely used for shock absorbing purposes and requires low temperature resistance or weather resistance.