What kind of material is used by front bumper spring for VW?

- Feb 19, 2019-

The front bumper spring for VW is a safety device that absorbs and mitigates external impact forces and protects the front and rear of the car body. Many years ago, the front and rear bumper springs were stamped into channel steel by steel plates and riveted or welded together with the frame rails. The body has a large gap and looks very unattractive.
With the development of the automotive industry and the extensive application of engineering plastics in the automotive industry, the Volkswagen front bumper springs have also entered the path of innovation as an important safety device. They are made of plastic and are made of outer plates and cushioning materials. And the beam is composed of three parts. The outer plate and the cushioning material are made of plastic, and the beam is punched with a cold-rolled sheet into a U-shaped groove; the outer plate and the cushioning material are attached to the beam.
The plastic used in this Volkswagen front bumper spring is made of two types of polyester and polypropylene materials by injection molding. The processed Volkswagen front bumper spring not only has high strength rigidity, but also has the advantage of being weldable, and the coating performance is good, and the usage on the car is increasing.
The front bumper spring for VW has strength, rigidity and decoration. From the safety point of view, the car can play a buffering role in the event of a collision, and protect the front and rear body. From the appearance, it can be naturally combined with the car body. It is integrated into one, has a very good decoration, and becomes an important part of the decorative car exterior.