Current Status Of The Auto Parts Industry

- Jul 17, 2018-

According to the customs import and export data compiled by China Association of Automobile Manufacturers, the export value of China's automobile products continued to grow slightly in 2014, with an accumulated export value of US$84.114 billion, an increase of 7.08%. Among them, the export value of auto parts was US$64.617 billion, an increase of 8.02% year-on-year. The growth rate was slightly slower than that of the previous year; it accounted for 76.64% of the total export volume of automobile products, and its occupancy rate increased by 0.36 percentage points over the previous year. The total vehicle exports accounted for only 15.23%, far lower than the proportion of parts exports. Overall, the auto parts export situation in 2014 was good. The export of parts and components has become a major factor driving the growth of automobile merchandise exports. The four major categories of auto parts (engines, auto parts, accessories and body, automobiles, motorcycle tires, other auto-related products), the export value increased compared with the previous year, of which the engine exports a total of 3,662,200 units, an increase of 10.56% The export value was 1.68 billion US dollars, up 6.69% year-on-year; the export value of auto parts, accessories and body was 35.359 billion US dollars, up 11.96% year-on-year, which was significantly higher than that of the previous year; the export value of automobile, motorcycle tires and other automobile-related commodities increased. It slowed down last year, with exports of 15.151 billion US dollars and 12.427 billion US dollars respectively, an increase of 1.83% and 5.43%.

Based on the export data from January to December 2014, the export volume of auto parts, accessories and body parts still accounts for half of the four categories of auto parts. Overall, the product structure of the export did not change much, and the added value of the exported products did not increase significantly.

In addition, from the performance of the seven major parts and components exported by the China Automobile Association (electronic fuel injection device, body, seat belt, airbag device, transmission, drive axle, shock absorber) performance, electronically controlled fuel injection device There has been a serious decline, with a total of 3.128 million sets of exports, down 69.92% year-on-year. The other six categories showed a certain increase, in which the seat belt, drive axle and shock absorber export value achieved double-digit growth year-on-year, the overall performance was better, and the remaining three categories achieved small growth.