Shock Absorber Assembly

- Jul 17, 2018-

The shock absorber assembly uses fluid to convert the spring's elastic energy into heat energy, so that the vehicle motion convergence is most rationalized, thereby eliminating the vibration caused by the road surface, improving the driving stability, and giving the driver a sense of comfort and stability.

1. Suppress the vibration transmitted to the body during driving and improve the ride comfort

Buffering conveys the impact to the driver and passengers to improve ride comfort, reduce fatigue, protect loaded cargo, extend vehicle life and prevent spring damage.

2. Suppress the rapid vibration of the wheel during driving to prevent the tire from leaving the road and improve the stability of exercise.

Improve driving stability and adjustability, effectively convey engine deflagration pressure to the ground, to save fuel costs, improve braking effect, extend the life of various parts of the car body, and save maintenance costs.